Overview of Mechanical Engineering School

School of Mechanical Engineering was established in August 2006. It has three majors including Mechanical Engineering especially with an Innovative Class, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design. At present, it has 2294 undergraduate students. The school of Mechanical Engineering has an engaged faculty with high comprehensive quality, knowledge, skill, and great dedication to teaching and to research. There are 151 faculty members, involving 18 professors and 20 senior technicians.
It has excellent lab centers with advanced facilities valuing nearly 14, 46 million Yuan, covering a total area of about 8000 square meters, which provides the first-class hardware conditions for practical teaching, leading similar colleges and universities across the country. These centers are consisted of Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center with 15 basic labs and 10 professional labs,and Engineering Training Center.
School of Mechanical Engineering pays attention to the cultivation of student's innovation spirit and practice ability. It has built internship training bases with 36enterprises presently. In recent years, students have achieved fruitful results in many major competitions such as National College Students' Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, and so on. A lot college scholarship has been won.